Gentlemen, start your engines, because the most important fashion weeks are ready to kick off in few days. From London to Milan and Paris, the world’s fashion poles are ready to present the spring/summer 2017 collections designed by some of the most prestigious menswear labels. We start now with the official schedule of Milan Fashion Week, and as you can see, there are some new additions to the calendar, while some other important and “historical” names are missing. The reason is quite simple. Some labels opted this season for presentations instead of fashion shows, and this to prevent the instant diffusion of images on social networks etc.
Well, I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this decision. A little part of me thinks that we are in 2016, the way we communicate is deeply changed, we share everything with the world in seconds and is quite anachronistic to entrench in the mechanisms of a system which is basically considered old and pretty useless, but I also have to say that things need to change and to adapt, in order to create a new experience for the clients. The way fashion is shown to the public needs to change. The schedules need to adapt to the way the world is now, ready-to-wear needs to embrace a more dynamic attitude. I don’t know if the idea of “see now, buy now” will be the perfect solution, but things need to evolve. After all, fashion isn’t an evolution of our ideals of beauty?


Author: Davide

Milan-based fashion writer. I write about menswear, male models, fragrances and many other subjects.

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