Peplvm #2
Peplvm #2

The unstoppable Julian Schneyder expands his portfolio with a new cover, shot for the latest issue of Peplvm. Captured in a striking black & white studio image by fashion photographer Anthony Meyer, the judo champion is the quintessence of beauty, providing his signature killer gaze to the camera, in addition to his enviable six-pack. Styled by Aurore Donguy and Juliette Lécuyer in a textured two-piece suit, which is included in the fall/winter 2016 collection of Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, Julian demonstrates once more his alluring potential in a brilliant image, which is a tribute to beauty and style.

Model: Julian Schneyder
Photographer: Anthony Meyer
Stylists: Aurore Donguy, Juliette Lécuyer
Hair: Robin Navarro-Harraga
Makeup: CYril Laine
Magazine: Peplvm


Author: Davide

Milan-based fashion writer. I write about menswear, male models, fragrances and many other subjects.

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